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Please note that you will need medical approval prior to your treatment,
please apply with the form at the bottom of this page. 

Cancer care therapies at La Belle Jolie

Cancer care therapies

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At a time in your life when non medical touch is so important it can often be difficult to find anywhere that can provide a moment to escape from the maelstrom surrounding you. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can damage the skin, making specialist skincare a necessity.
Our cancer care therapies have been specially created and adapted to support you through your treatment, we are required to carry out a full consultation and in most cases will require medical approval prior to treatment. 
Our skincare range from Éminence Organics, has approval from the organisation, Oncology Training International to ensure that the products we use are safe for you to use and will support your skin through this time.
Salon owner and company trainer Renée began work in cancer care 30 years ago, at a time when non medical care was advised against and seen to have no place in a medical environment, therapists and oncology nurses worked closely together, understanding there was a profound need for therapeutic touch at such a time.  Thankfully today this has all changed and there are now excellent training centres such as Jennifer Young, dedicated to training therapists in oncology care.
Our therapists are also trained and accredited by MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) from the  national skin cancer and melanoma charity Skcin.MASCED accredited in Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection
Balancing body massage
Cancer care massage at La Belle Jolie at La Belle JolieAll our massages are specially adapted to suit your needs, from the massage medium/oils chosen to the body support and massage technique.
Our therapists are specially trained to provide techniques that will support and nurture you body according to the treatment you are receiving.
1hr 5mins - £65.00 book now button
1hr 20mins - £78.00 book now button
* Please note that it this will be your first cancer care treatment at La Belle Jolie you will need to to use the form below to receive our medical consent forms for your primary care giver to fill out prior to your visit.
Cancer care Indian head massage
Cancer care Indian Head Massage at La Belle Jolie
This intensely relaxing and calming massage releases the stress and strain of every day life. Your treatment starts with a deeply relaxing scalp massage then, using a combination of accupressure and ayurvedic massage techniques, stimulates your head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. 
Our Indian head massage is performed lying down (not seated) and you will be gently cocooned on our heated massage couches while you float away!.
Glowing facial treatment - 55 mins
Cancer care facial at La Belle JolieOur rejuvenating facial has been specially adapted to support you and your needs during and after any treatment you are receiving.
Specialist techniques including massage, gentle acupressure are combined with natural products in this treatment for the decolleté, face and scalp.
£60.00 book now button
Specialist hand and foot rituals - 55 mins
Cancer care therapies at La Belle JolieSometimes a full body or back massage can be overwhelming and the effort of undressing, simply too much.  Our hand and foot massages are much simpler and specially adapted for the changes you body may be going through.
Using gentle techniques combined with ancient accupressure stimulation these soothing massages help you to drift away and find a moments calm.
Specialist hand & arm ritual - £60.00 book now button
Specialist foot & leg ritual - £60.00 book now button
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trained eyes can save lives, ask us about our MASCED accreditation