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Advanced electrolysis at La Belle JolieAdvanced Electrolysis
This technique is used for the treatment of minor cosmetic conditions, short wave diathermy has been used for several decades as an efficient and safe method of removal for many superficial and minor skin conditions.
It may take more than one visit to clear the condition as treatment depends on the size and spread of the area being treated.
You will also be given a homecare pack with swabs, aftercare lotion and sun protection as part of your treatment and monitored during your healing process.
We are not currently taking bookings for Advanced Electrolysis due to Covid 19, bookings will open later in the summer.
Conditions treated
Cherry Angioma
(Also known as Campbell De Morgan or blood spots)
Skin tags
(also known as papilloma and fibro epithelial polypilloma)
(Also known as broken capillaries, spider naevi or thread veins)
Campbell De Morgan removal at La Belle JolieCherry Angioma
Also known as Campbell De Morgan or blood spots, can develop at any age but can become more common as we age.  They can appear anywhere on the body and can range in size and quantity from one to many.
Milia removal at La Belle JolieMilia
Sometimes referred to as "whiteheads" you should never attempt removal of these at home or allow anyone to pop or burst them due to the high risk of trauma and damage to the skin.  The only safe way to remove milia is with advanced electrolysis techniques.
Skin tag removal at La Belle JolieSkin tags
As with all the skin conditions mentioned on this page, skin tags are completely normal and can appear at any time in life.  They can appear in ones and twos or cover an extensive area, removal is simple and virtually painless.
Thread vein & telangiectasia removal at La Belle JolieTelangiectasia
Also known as broken capillaries, spider naevi and thread veins, these become more common with age as the walls of our capillaries break down from primarily external factors such as exposure to sunlight and/or high winds, standing for long periods or genetic prediposition.
Electrolysis with Sterex at La Belle Jolie