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Waxing at La Belle Jolie

Waxing treatments

Both our strip and hot waxs are vegan friendly and specially formulated to be kind and gentle to your skin.
All our waxing therapists are experts trained to exceptionally high standards to ensure that you will experience the least discomfort during your treatment.
Please don't forget to book your new client consultation if you are making your first visit to the salon. book online
Please note: We are unable to perform any treatments during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Body waxing - strip & hot  wax

1/2 leg - £28.00
1/2 leg (upper leg) - £32.00
3/4 leg - £37.00 
Full leg - £44.00
Back of thigh - £16.00
Under Arm - £19.00 
Under arm (when added another waxing service) - £16.00 *
1/2 Arm - £22.00 
Full Arm - £32.00 
Lip or Chin - £16.00 
Lip & Chin - £22.00
Lip, chin & eyebrow shape - £34.00
Nasal wax - £20.00 (hot wax only)
Neck or Side of Face - £16.00
Neck & Side of Face - £25.00
Eyebrow Shape/tidy - £18.00
(please state if you prefer waxing or tweezeing before your appointment) 
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Intimate waxing - strip & hot wax

Bikini Line 
(all hair below the leg crease) 
Strip or hot wax - £30.00
When added to a leg wax* - £25.00 
Extended Bikini Line
(all hair below leg crease and as far as a g-string, as required)
Strip or hot wax - £32.00
when added to a leg wax * - £26.00
Hollywood & Brazilian (+)
(+ symbol signifies, over 8 weeks since your last appointment or your first appointment at this salon) **
Hot wax only - £50.00
when added to a leg wax * - £45.00
Hollywood / Brazilian (-)
(- symbol signifies, under 8 weeks since your last appointment at this salon only this cannot apply to appointments you have had elsewhere) **
Hot wax - £45.00
when added to a leg wax * - £42.00
Hot or strip wax - £25.00
when added to a leg wax * - £20.00
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Waxing for men

Strip or hot wax - £35.00
Chest & Abdomen
Strip or hot wax - £45.00
Upper back
Strip or hot wax - £35.00
Full back
Strip or hot wax - £48.00
Full leg
Strip or hot wax - £44.00
We apologise but we do not currently offer intimate waxing for men.
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* This discount only applies when the treatment is added on to any leg waxing appointment, on the same day and during the same appointment, they cannot be split in to different dates or times.

** This discount is a loyalty discount and only applies to clients who have been waxing at La Belle Jolie, this discount cannot be used in conjunction with treatments received in other salons.