La Belle Jolie
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La Belle Jolie opened its doors in 2012 as a boutique salon and spa specialising in spa and beauty treatments set in high street location.  It was the culmination of 30 years of experience in the beauty industry by owner Renée, who has worked in many of aspects of the industry as a Spa Director in places such as The Refinery in Mayfair and The Royal Garden Spa in Kensington, Spa Consultant, international lecturer in electrotherapy and expert and teacher in vintage hair and make-up techniques, the commercial development of cosmetics and the impact of war on cosmetic formulation!.
La Belle Jolie has enabled Renée to create a space where she can exercise her passions for high standards of ethical service which run through every aspect of the business from how the electricity is sourced and waste managed through to the products used, treatments offered and ingredients not used.
If you would like to work with us see our available vacancies here.
We have always had a strong environmental policy but we feel is even more prevalent at the moment to assess and regulate the impact your actions have on the planet. Here are some of the things we do;
/nolandfill.pngWe don't send our waste to landfil it is used to create more energy.
/green_power.pngOur electricity comes form green resources such as wind and solar power.
/no_microbeads.pngWe do not use synthetic micro-beads.  All our exfoliating particles are made from natural ingredients that are both edible and bio-degradable, such as bamboo, sugar and salt.
We do not use palm oil. We believe that you can never be completely sure of its provenence and the use of child labour and the destruction of natral habitats for wildlife make this product unsuitable for use.
All our skincare is made from natural, organic ingredients.  Where this is not possible, for products such as nail polish we make sure that we do not use any chemicals that are known to cause cancer or disrupt the delicate balance of hormones in humans and animals.
Training & education
/mangosteen-lactic-acid-peel.pngOver the last 15 years training in the beauty industry has changed drastically, cuts in government funding have resulted in reductions in teaching hours and time spent on the development and skills of new therapists.  We have an in-house training program that develops and nurtures all staff to achieve the same high standards that La Belle Jolie has always offered.
This has resulted in recruitment becoming harder and harder and has motivated us to put the wheels in motion to begin our own academy.
Coming soon, we're just having a quick make-over