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See our range of advanced electrical facials at La Belle Jolie

Advanced Facials

We have recently launched a range of advanced facial treatments designed to give powerful anti-ageing results. 
Our non-surgical facelift uses microcurrent signals to rejuvenate tone and tighten both skin and muscles, together with impressive collagen and elastin stimulation. Combined with  our microdermabrasion and LED treatments it gives even more dramatic results. 
Renée, the salon owner and company trainer, has specialised in teaching electrotherapy for muscle and skin rehabilitation for over 20 years in the UK and Europe and has worked with conditions such as Bells Palsy, sporting injuries, Polio and facial nerve trauma and she ensures that each therapist goes through thorough and detailed training in all aspects of EMS (electro muscle stimulation), microcurrent non-surgical face lifting, microdermabrasion and LED therapies.
For dramatic non invasive results choose from our treatment menu below or call the salon for a consultation.
Non-surgical face lift - 70 mins
Non-surgical facelift at La Belle JolieThis facial combines several different currents for dramatic anti-ageing results; galvanic for deep cleansing and enhanced product penetration and microcurrent for lifting and toning skin and muscles with impressive results after just one treatment. 
Clinical studies show that microcurrent increases collagen production and thickness by 10%, stimulates blood circulation, aids lymphatic draining, and  increases the length and size of elastin fibres up to 50% creating noticeable differences in fine lines and sagging areas. It also causes a radical increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate - the molecule responsible for the storage and distribution of energy in the body), production by up to 500%.
For the best results it is recommended that you start with three treatments, each a week apart followed by one every month thereafter.
Single treatment - £75.00 Book a non-surgical facelift at La Belle Jolie
Kickstart package (4 treatments) - £280Book a non-surgical facelift at La Belle Jolie 
* Kickstart treatments are to be taken over the course of two months to achieve optimum results, terms and conditions apply.
♦ Please note this facial is not suitable for those with any titanium implants in bones or teeth.
Chromapeel facial - 40 mins
Microdermabrasion facial at La Belle JolieOur Chromapeel, micro-dermabrasion and LED facial helps combat the signs of ageing and  pigmentation. 
As we age our cellular renewal process slows down, up until our mid 30's it takes approximately 28 days for your skin to renew itself.  After your mid thirties, your age represents the number of days it takes for your skin to renewThe main purpose of microdermabrasion is to restore the regular turn over of skin cells to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance other benefits such as promoting collagen production which declines with the ageing process and reducing pigmentation which can become more prevalent with ageing.
The treatment is completed with LED chromatherapy that has been used by both dermatologists and beauty therapists for several decades to stimulate collagen, aid cellular renewal and strengthen capillary walls.
Can be used as a one off treatment but for longer lasting results it is recommended as a regular part of your monthly skincare routine.
Single treatment - £45.00 Book a microdermabrasion and LED facial online at La Belle Jolie
Kickstart package (4 treatments) - £160 Book a microdermabrasion and LED facial online at La Belle Jolie
* Kickstart treatments are to be taken over the course of three months to achieve optimum results, terms and conditions apply.
Derma3cope facials at La Belle JolieDerma3cope
For even more dramatic results the microdermabrasion, microcurrent and LED facials can be combined to create a powerful three in one treatment.
Single treatment -