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Milia removal
Sometimes referred to as "whiteheads" you should never attempt removal of these at home or allow anyone to pop them with a pin or needle, due to the high risk of trauma and damage to the skin. Due to their depth in the skin, the only safe way to remove milia is with advanced electrolysis techniques.
They are small, benign, whitish "pearl like" bumps that appear most commonly around the forehead and eyes but can appear anywhere on the body. They are predominantly formed of trapped dead skin cells and can vary in size.
All conditions require a consultation and test patch and where there is only one blemish this will be charged at the full rate of removal.
Our head aesthetician has over 30 years experience and is trained and approved by Sterex International, who provide the highest level of training for medical, dental and aesthetic practitioners.
Consultation and test treatment
All conditions require a test treatment and the initial consultation will guide you through everything you need to know about the treatment, how to care for the area after treatment, the treatment pathway and the outcome you can expect.
If you only have one blemish to be removed this will be charged at the full rate for the 1st treatment.
During your consultation you will also be given a homecare pack with sterile dressings (where indicated), aftercare lotion and soothing gels as part of your treatment and monitored during your healing process.
1st treatment 
If you have more than one area for removal you will require this appointment for the full removal of the blemish or blemishes you wish to have treated.
Follow on appointments - 15 mins or 30 mins
Follow on appointments are required for larger blemishes or areas, your practitioner will advise you of the correct length of appointment to book.
Treatment outcome
Is it important to note that while in many cases complete removal can be achieved we cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results, each person will heal differently and it is important to remember that there may, in some cases, still be a small area of discolouration after treatment.
Booking a treatment
Consultation &
test treatment
 Book a Milia removal consultation and test treatment 
1st treatment
Book your 1st Milia removal treatment
15 min follow up
Book a Milia removal 15 minute follow up treatment
30 min follow up
Book a Milia removal 30 minute follow up treatment

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 * Please note that the appointment time is for time spent with the practitioner
not necessarily minutes under the electrolysis machine.