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Pregnancy and post natal treatments at La Belle JoliePregnancy and post-natal treatments

Our pre and post-natal treatments have been designed to take care of you and your baby at each stage of your journey. 
Our highly trained pregnancy specialists adapt our carefully designed services uniquely for you on each visit, to ensure you have the perfect combination of products, treatment and care to enable you to relax and float away!.   
We also offer a complimentary consultation to anyone wishing to come in for advice about our treatments and products or to simply talk about the changes your skin and body are going through.  

Pregnancy massage - 65 & 80 mins

pregnancy massagePre-natal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage – to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots and  improve circulation and  mobility.
The treatment is tailored specifically to your needs, with specialist supports which enable you to lie on your front up to 25 weeks and can be changed to suit changing bodies.
65 minutes - £69.00
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80 minutes - £76.00
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Pregnancy back massage - 35 mins

/pre_natal_back_massage.jpgOur pre-natal back massage relieves tension, eases sore muscles and joints and, as with our full body massage each  treatment is tailored specifically to your needs, with specialist supports which enable you to lie on your front up to 25 weeks and can be changed to suit the needs of your changing body.
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Post-natal massage - 65 mins

post natal massage
We have created a special post-natal massage for new mums to ensure that we care for you every step of the way throughout your post natal care.  
We have special supports that cradle the ever changing shape of your body in complete comfort and our massage techniques ensure that we work out tension whilst taking care of tendons and soft tissue while you body adjusts, ensuring that each experience is unique to you, on every visit. 
* Only suitable from 8 weeks post-partum, after your final midwife check-up or 6 months after a caeserean.
£69.00book online

Pregnancy facial - 65 mins

pregnancy facialAs well as the multitude of changes your body is going through during this time, there can often be changes in your skin such as acne breakouts and pigmentation changes.  Our gentle pre-natal facials are performed with our natural organic products from the Eminence skincare range and are designed to gently support and nurture your skin through this time.
Every facial includes a thorough consultation and assessment to ensure that you receive the perfect treatment on every visit. We also adapt our treatment couches to ensure that you are in the safest anatomical positions for each stage of your pregnancy. 
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Pregnancy pick-me-up - 50 mins

pregnancy packagesYou asked and we listened, this treatment combination was requested by a client and we think it's perfect.  A pre-natal back neck and shoulder massage followed by a de-stress facial.  The perfect pit stop for a busy mum to be!.
£58.00book online

Top & tail pregnancy package - 50 mins

pregnancy packagesThis perfect pick-me-up, starts with an Indian head massage which soothes away tension in the scalp, head, neck, shoulders and arms,  combined with a foot and leg ritual to ease tired feet and swollen ankles. Leaving you walking on air and ready to face the world.
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Call the midwife! - 1hr 30 mins

pregnancy packagesThis is the perfect preparation for the delivery room, a 1/2 leg wax, a regular or extended bikini wax* and a pre-natal, luxury pedicure. 
* Both beauty therapists and midwives recommend avoiding Brazilian and Hollywood waxing at this time.
 £90.00book online

Blooming lovely - 1hr 25 mins

pregnancy packagesOur ultimate pregnancy pamper package, three blissful treatments begin with our soothing foot ritual, designed to reduce swollen ankles and and work tension out of tired aching feet and legs, followed with a pregnancy back massage to ease away your aches and pains and completed with a mother to be de-stress facial.  We suggest leaving strong hints about this one for gift ideas!.
 £102.00book online