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Treatment consultationMedical safety consultation

 We are required by law under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 to carry out due care and dilligence in regard to your health, wellbeing and medical safety. Some medical conditions could result in serious injury or in certain cases, even death if not declared prior to your treatment.
Failure to inform us at the point of booking, of any potential condition that could result in your treatment not being carried out may result in a late cancellation charge, to avoid disappointment please read the following advice;
If you are in doubt about any condition or situation please call the salon at least 24 hours prior to your treatment for advice; 020 7018 1209

Contagious conditions

We cannot treat clients with contagious or infectious conditionsAll contagious infections, diseases and conditions are contra-indicated (preventative) to treatment, this is to prevent the spread of infection. It is important to bear in mind that many diseases remain contagious after your symptoms have cleared.
This is not just for the safety of company employees but to ensure that they in turn do not pass something on to every client they come in to contact with.
Here is a list of the some of the more common things beauty therapists encounter; 
Athletes foot
Cold sores
Food poisoning
Head lice
Influenza (flu)
Warts & verrucae
N.B. This list is neither exhaustive nor difinitive.

Prescription medication

Please declare any prescription medication on bookingIf you are currently taking any prescribed medication please let the salon know at least two weeks prior to your appointment as we may need to seek medical approval from you G.P. prior to your appointment.
This includes topical ointments and creams, any form of injected medication, drops, pessaries and tablets.
We are not medically trained and we are legally, ethically and morally obliged to care for you appropriately and professionally.

Medical conditions

/rodofasclepius.pngThere are many medical conditions that can prevent or restrict treatment, such as diabetes, heart conditions, blood presure problems and skin disorders. 
Please let the salon know at least two weeks prior to your appointment as we may need to seek medical approval from you G.P. prior to your appointment.
Please bear in mind that it can take several weeks to obtain medical approval as Doctors are not used to receiving such information requests and many are not aware of the implications. 
We do everything in our power to make this process as easy as possible for you, arrange consent paperwork and sending comprehensive forms to your GP or care providers.  When the paperwork is complete we then contact you to let you know it is ready for collection, as GP's will not release it to us. We are however, in the process of digitising this service.


vaccination sheddingWe ask that you avoid treatment for a two week period after being vaccinated, particularly if you have received a live vaccine or are exhibiting symptoms of the disease. Any treatment involving massage is contra-indicated (prohibited) during this period.  This applies to both injections and nasal sprays.
The medical community is currently split on the process of live, attenuated vaccines and "shedding," - this is the use of weakened live viruses and the spreading of the illness whilst your body fights it.  Until we obtain the relevant research or receive a definitive answer we are unable to treat anyone for two weeks after receiving a vaccination.

Pre & post natal care

Pre and post natal legal medical requirements
We are unable to treat pregnant woman until they reach 13 weeks. Many treatments after this time can also be restricted so it is advisable to check. This applies to all treatments without exception.
Post partum, we are able to treat clients after they have had their final midwife appointment at approximately 8 weeks. 
Many treatments are restricted for 6 months after a caesarean section, please check with the salon at the point of booking.

Further advice

BABTACIf you are unsure of any of the advice you are given here, we urge you to call our professional body B.A.B.T.A.C. - The British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists who can confirm the information held herein.
We understand it is upsetting not being able to receive treatments, but please bear in mind that all abusive behaviour may prevent you from having treatments with us permanently.