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Electrolysis is the only permanent and medically approved method of hair removal currently available.
At La Belle Jolie we have highly experienced specialists with over 30 years experience and knowledge to support and guide you through the process, we offer a complimentary consultation to enable you to discover everything you need to know about the treatment to ensure you are making the best desicions for you.
The consultation
/electrolysis1.jpgDuring your consultation we ascertain if you are suitable for treatment and which type of electrolysis is suitable for you.  This involves a questionnaire about your current health, any medical conditions you may suffer from and any medication you may be taking.  Your therapist then explains how the treatment works and the expections you can have.
This appointment is free of charge and enables you to make the choice if electrolysis is the right journey for you. 
Please note that all new clients to the salon are required to have this appointment.
What you can expect
/electrolysis2.jpgA small hair like probe is passed in to the follicle and a small current is released which destroys the follicles ability to create a new hair.  It can take several treatments to permanently destroy a follicle but once this has occured the effect is permanent.
Your therapist will advise you on how long each treatment needs to be and how you should care for the treated area.
Please be aware that you are limited to what you can expose your skin to for 24 hours after treatment and should plan your appointments accordingly. 
Pay as you go 
We have two payment options, pay as you go, where you pay each time you have an appointment;
15 minutes - £18.00
30 minutes - £33.00
45 minutes - £49.50
60 minutes - £66.00
Our second payment option is to book a course, you pay in advance and receive a free treatment for every five purchased;
 Course of 6
 (includes one free)
 15 minutes -   £90.00
 30 minutes - £165.00
 45 minutes - £247.50
 60 minutes - £330.00
 You can still book your pre-paid sessions online;
 15 minutes
 30 minutes
 45 minutes
 60 minutes
* Please note that the appointment timing is for time spent with the therapist
not necessarily minutes on the electrolysis machine.
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