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The Benefits of beauty sleep
  8th February 2021  
/benefits-of-beauty-sleep.pngSleep is one of the most beneficial and overlooked parts of our beauty routine and is often neglected as part of a self care routine.
We need 7 hours of sleep per day for proper cognitive and behavioural function but we also need sleep for several beauty enhacing functions;
Lowering cortisol
Somewhat annoyingly, sleep and stress share the same pathways in the body, raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol not only makes your skin more sensitive and responsive it can make it harder for skin problems to heal and produce more oil making the skin more prone to breakouts.
Increased repair and growth
At night your skin switches from "protect" to "repair" mode. Melatonin and human growth hormone are boosted which accelerates skin regeneration and the production of anti-oxidant enzymes.
Increasing collagen production
The skin makes new collagen when you sleep, only getting five hours sleep can lead to twice as many fine lines as 7 hours sleep. 
Improved blood flow
Increased blood flow to the skin nourishes and oxygenates the skin for a glowing complexion.
Bright eyes
Lack of sleep can increase fluid retention resulting in puffiness and dark circles.
So, during lockdown, don't give in to all the adverts and guru's adding more pressure to your life, you don't have to learn a new language or musical instrument, sink in to the warm embrace of your duvet and tell everyone you're visiting a virtual salon and to leave you alone for at least 7 hours!!!


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