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Tanning treatments
/vita-liberata.jpgVita Liberata have created quite possibly one of the most luxurious tanning products we at La Belle Jolie have ever used. The tan is fast drying so you can go about your day as normal, there is no strong aroma so no one will guess where you've been, it's streak free, lasts 2-3 weeks and best of all its natural formulation sits well with our consciences. What's not to love?. 
We specialise in creating natural looking tans that are right for your skin tone and apply the tan in a natural pattern that more closely resembles how you would tan naturally.
Please read our tanning guidlines before booking your appointment.
We do not do spray tanning, all our tanning treatments are applied manually.
Tanning guidlines
Before your appointment we advise that you will need to adhere to the following;
Do not;
Moisturise or use any moisturising products such
as moisturising shower gels.
Apply perfume to your skin.
Receive any beauty or massage treatments 48 hours prior to your tan.
Carry out your preferred method of hair removal i.e. waxing or shaving etc. at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
Book any other beauty treatments you require at least 48 hours prior to your tan, such as lash tinting, manicures and pedicures.
Wear loose, dark clothing and dark underwear to your appointment.
For 24 hours after your tan;
Do not;
Have any body treatments.
Engage in exercise or any activity that involves excess perspiration.
Avoid wetting the back of your hands.
Wear dark loose clothing.
Return to your normal exfoliation routine after 5 days.
The outcome of fake tanning can be affected by many exterior factors and conditions. Please read through the following information and note;
Certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can cause the tan to develop unevenly.
Some medication may stop the tan from developing, e.g. steroids, strong antibiotics and chemotherapy.
If any moisturising products, such as body lotions and moisturising shower gels have been used prior to application, this can prevent the active ingredients of the tan from working and result in a patchy or pale tan.
We cannot provide tanning treatments to clients in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Whilst manual tanning from week 13 of pregnancy is safe, there is a risk of uneven pigmentation in the skin due to hormonal influences and this may result in paler or darker patches in the finished result.
If you are breast feeding the breast area cannot be tanned.
Tan results cannot be guaranteed due to the extensive variables involved and we regret as a result, are therefore non-refundable.
Luxury tan - full body - 60 mins
/vitaliberata-beforeandafter.jpgOur luxury spa tan begins with a full body efoliation which is removed with hot towels, to leave your skin glowing and smooth.  We than apply the tan all over whilst you lie back and relax.
Please ensure that you follow our tanning guidlines before and after your appointment.
£65.00 /book.png
Classic tan - full body - 40 mins
/vitaliberata-beforeandafter.jpgOur classic spa tan is performed with you lying on a couch, you simply relax whilst your therapist manually applies your tan.
Prior to your appointment you will need to ensure that you;
Carry out your preferred method of hair removal i.e. waxing or shaving etc. at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
Exfoliate your entire body thoroughly – paying special attention to the back of ankles, knees and elbows 24 hours prior to your appointment.
£45.00 /book.png
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