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/mother--baby.pngMother & baby treatments

Crystal Palace has seen a large influx of new families over the last fews years and we have noticed that new mums are finding it especially hard to find care for newborn babies whilst they are at a time when they need care more than ever. 
We have created a new treatment menu that is designed around you to still be able to care for your little one whilst receiving a little healing touch and space to recover and so you don't have to worry if baby gets a little noisy or fractious, everything has been designed to ensure you and baby get the best care.
We are restricted to newborn and small babies in carry cots/chairs or slings as our environment is unsafe and unsuitable for babies who are mobile or crawling and we are unable to accomodate pushchairs anywhere inside the building.  (We will be looking at secure pushchair parking outside for the future).
We are currently trialling these treatments to see if there is a demand, we are initially offering them on the first Wednesday of each month between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm but are hoping to expand it to a regular weekly date.
Mother & baby massage
/mother--baby.pngOur specially trained pre and post-natal pregnancy therapists carry out all our mother and baby treatments.  Our mother and baby massage is designed to support you and baby together so you can choose to either to have baby in a carry cot/chair next to you or to nurse baby during the treatment.  Our couches are heated and we have warm blankets so should you choose some skin to skin time with baby you will both be snug as bugs!. 
Mother & baby - back massage - £45/booknow.png
(40 mins)
Mother & baby - full body massage - £70/booknow.png
(65 mins)
Mother & baby - Indian head massage - £34/booknow.png
(25 mins)
Top & tail massage - £46
Indian head massage with  an acupressure foot & leg massage.  (40 mins)/booknow.png

All treatments are performed with the beautiful Nom Nom Skincare mother and baby product range.
Mother & baby mani/pedi
Mother and baby manicures and pedicuresOur manicure and pedicure products do not contain any toxic ingredients and harmful endocrine (hormonal) disruptors which can be unsafe for you and baby.  Our mummy manicure has been specially adapted to ensure you can still nurse or hold baby during the treatment and our fast drying nail treatment ensures you can leave with dry nails!.
Mummy manicure - £45
This is a classic spa manicure specially adapted to accomodate baby with a quick drying treatment to enable you to leave with dry nails.  (40 mins) /booknow.png
Mummy pedicure - £60
Now your toes are back in view!, let us pamper them with our luxury mother and baby pedicure, designed to soothe tired feet, reduce swelling, remove hard skin and leave your nails looking divine, whilst you and baby get some uninterrupted snuggle time.  (60 mins) /booknow.png

Mummy mani/pedi - £100
Our lovely manicure and pedicure in one relaxing morning, you and baby can snuggle and snooze on our heated couch whilst your hands and feet are preened and polished to perfection.   (1hr 40 mins)/booknow.png
Mummy nail rescue manicure - £42
If your hands are looking a little worse for wear this manicure will restore your pinkies to their pre baby glory. With prescriptive products from Mavala we can restore balance to nails whether your nails have become dry and brittle or soft and weak. (40 mins) /booknow.png
Mother & baby facials
/signature-facial.pngOur mother and baby facials are performed with you semi-reclined with a comfortable support for you and baby to snuggle or nurse during the treatment.  Our facial includes our signature head, neck and shoulder massage together with an acupressure scalp massage.
All our facials are vegetarian friendly and whilst not registered as Halal, our vegan option does not contain Haram ingredients.
Mother & baby prescription facial - £58/booknow.png
(55 mins)
Mother and baby signature facial - £82/booknow.png
(80 mins) 
Mummy brows
/eyebrowshape.pngWe are only able to offer tinting or waxing services for eyebrows whilst you have baby with you, for safety reasons, as many eye treatments require you to stay still or keep your eyes closed for long periods of time.
Mummy brow shape  -  £13.00/booknow.png
Mummy brow tint  -  £14.00/booknow.png
(a patch test is required 48 hrs prior to your first tint)
Mummy brow shape and tint  -  £25.00/booknow.png
(a patch test is required 48 hrs prior to your first tint)
Tinting patch test - 2 minutes - Free/booknow.png
(this is a legal requirement for all new clients to the service at this salon regardless of previous treatments elsewhere.) 
We recommend against having your first tint treatment during pregnancy and that you start either prior to or post baby.
We regret that currently;
Services are only available on the first Wednesday of every month.
We are unable to accomodate pushchairs/buggies.
Babies must not able to walk or crawl.
(the salon is not currently safe for mobile children, we are analysing if it is
possible to baby-proof the business but it may prove a physical and legislative impossibility).