La Belle Jolie - luxury day spa
Our green policy
/green_policy_head.jpgFor the last 30 years Renée has been a passionate advocate for safe and more natural ingredients in the beauty industry.
All the salons treatments focus on natural ingredients and removing chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans, animals and the environment, such as endocrine disruptors (chemicals that interfere with the hormonal sytem) and microbeads.
Our committment
We are committed to constantly monitoring and improving the way we work in reducing our impact on the environment and we are always open to ideas and suggestions about way we can improve.
No Land-fill
/nolandfill.pngNone of our waste goes to landfill, it's used to generate more power.  Last year we generated 206 kilowatt hours of power.
Green power
/green_power.png96% of our electricity comes from renewable resources such as solar and wind power.  When it is possible we will ensure that we convert to 100%.
No microbeads
/no_microbeads.pngWe do not use synthetic micro-beads.  All our exfoliating particles are made from natural ingredients that are both edible and bio-degradable, such as bamboo, sugar and salt.
No palm oil
/no_palm_oil.pngWe do not use palm oil.  We believe that you can never be completely sure of its provenence and the use of child labour and the destruction of natral habitats for wildlife make this product unsuitable for use.
Ethical skincare
/ethical_skincare.pngAll our skincare is made from natural, organic ingredients.  Where this is not possible, for products such as nail polish we make sure that we do not use any chemicals that are known to cause cancer or disrupt the delicate balance of hormones in humans and animals. 
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