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ipl hair removal at La Belle JolieIPL Hair Removal
Body hair is a subjective issue some embrace it some don't, it's a personal choice and the only time there's ever a problem is if other people are judging you. It's normal to have hair we're mammals after all, but we do understand how stressful it can be if you are not happy with any hair growth you have.
We are an inclusive salon and welcome everyone, the only questions about your lifestyle, gender,  race and all the other magical things that make you who you are will be about ensuring we provide the right care, treatment and service for your needs. So if you would like to learn more about IPL hair removal please read through this page and book a consultation and test treatment.
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IPL, Laser or Electrolysis at La Belle Jolie
IPL, Laser or Electrolysis
IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser hair removal offer permanent hair reduction whereas electrolysis is the only medically proven, permanent method of hair removal.
IPL and Laser are simply different forms of light based hair removal, Laser is photo-mechanical and IPL is photo-thermal, neither is better than the other, they are simply different modalities of light based treatments.
We also combine different modalities as light based hair removal relies on the pigment in the hair to work which means any white hairs present will not be treated, so we also use electrolysis to remove any white hairs that are left behind after the treatment.
To find out more about electrolysis click the link below;
IPL at La Belle Jolie
What is IPL?
Intense Pulsed Light or IPL offers permanent hair reduction, the only method that can claim permanent removal is electrolysis.
IPL and laser are often confused or lumped together in beauty marketing, despite them both using light they are different modalities. This was also in part due to IPL being nicknamed Laser hair removal when it first entered the market some 20 years ago.
Laser uses a single wavelength of light emitted in a parallel beam and IPL emits a broader wavelength or arc accross the visible light spectrum.
Our IPL machine is set to the correct correct wavelength and intensity by your therapist after your consultation to achieve optimum results. IPL can be altered to affect different depths and tissues making it a versatile and effective treatment for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
IPL consultation & patch test
The consultation & test patch
We guide you and take care of you every step along the way, once you book your appointment you will be emailed our pre screening questionnaire to ensure that we do not need prior medical consent for treatment or that there are no pre-existing conditions or medication preventing you from receiving treatment. 
To prepare for your test treatment you will need to ensure that you; 
• Do not shave for at least three days, or wax or pluck for at least 5 weeks prior to your appointment as we need to see the hair growth to allow us to correctly asses the area being treated
• Do exfoliate the day before your appointment
• Do not apply fake tan or tan or sunbathe for at least four weeks prior to your appointment
How to prepare for your treatments
Once you have had your test treatment and decided that this is the treatment for you, you will need to prepare for your appointments as follows;
Only shave you hair growth and to try to limit it to three days prior to your next IPL appointment
• Exfoliate the day before your appointment
• Do not apply and fake tan or sunbathe for four weeks prior to your appointment, it is best avoided until you finish your course of treatments
After your patch test and any IPL treatment you will need to;
• Avoid heat in the area such as baths, jacuzzis, sunbathing and tanning beds
• Avoid swimming and any harsh chemicals
• Avoid using any retinol or vitamin A treatment in the area
• Avoid shaving for at least 3-4 days - and always use a clean disinfected razor
• Avoid exercise for 48 hours
As there are so many options for the areas you can book please go to our booking section here and use the top menu to scroll to the IPL hair removal section;  Book IPL treatment at La Belle Jolie
* please note that treatment timings are for time spent with your therapist and not time undergoing treatment