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Aesthetic treatments at La Belle Jolie
Aesthetic treatments
We offer a range of advanced cosmetic procedures and medical aesthetics and treat blemishes, skin conditions and a range of ageing and health concerns.
From the removal of lumps, bumps and blemishes with our resident aesthetician Renée, through to injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation, fat dissolving and vitamin therapies with Nurse Niki. 
Whislt we always try to encourage a positive body image we also know that there's only so far that will go to help and support you if you are concerned, upset or bothered by anything you are not happy with. We do not judge we simply support you in your journey.
(also known as Solar Lentigo or liver spots) 
(Campbell de Morgan)
(epidermoid, sebaceous & pilar)
Hairs in Moles removal
Book a Milia removal appointment at La Belle JolieMilia removal
(also known as whiteheads or milk spots)
VerrucaVerruca removal
(Also known as plantar warts)
(common & filiform warts)