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Facial Treatments

All our facials use tried and tested techniques that focus on balancing, hydrating, restoring and rejuvenating your skin, combined with products from Eminence and Botanicals, two of the worlds purest skincare products, free from harmful artificial preservatives and chemicals. Your skin is guaranteed restored vitality.

Each facial begins with an in depth skin analysis and diagnosis from moisture content to pH levels, to fully ascertain the best treatment, products and care for your skin.

  De-stress Facial 25 mins
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This is the ideal "pick me up" facial, your skin is steam cleansed and exfoliated then followed with a lifting and toning massage to the head, neck, shoulders and décolleté and all enhanced by our active botanical range designed to promote a healthy, toned and hydrated complexion.

Your skin will be deep cleansed, exfoliated, refreshed and hydrated, leaving you fresh faced and glowing.

This treatment is also the perfect accompaniment to a back massage.

The products are chosen to suit your skin type and any presenting conditions, key active ingredients in the Volupté range are hyaluronic acid, collagen, AHA's, and a vast array or botanical oils, butters and extracts.

This is the perfect facial for all skin types and a helpful introduction to a regular skincare routine.


  Prescription Facial 55 mins
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This is an extremely popular facial that is tailor made for you on each visit. Your skin is thoroughly assessed for its pH and moisture content, products are then prepared according to your skins condition and needs. Beginning with a deep cleanse and steam, your face and décolleté will be exfoliated, nourished, soothed and hydrated whilst a stimulating massage will stimulate the production of collagen and plump out fine lines, leaving your skin visibly toned and glowing.

Skin is thoroughly cleansed, steamed, exfoliated, brightened, oxygenated, plumped and balanced with an immediate lifting effect. Your face will be visibly rejuvenated and radiant with collagen production stimulated and cellular activity boosted.

As each facial is tailor made the products used can vary from visit to visit. Our skincare range is designed with primarily with cellular renewal and anti-ageing in mind with the primary active ingredients being collagen, raspberry extract, pomegranate extract, borage combined with a huge range organic oils, butters and extracts.

This is your perfect weekly or monthly maintenance facial, suitable for all skin types. It is also perfect for clients looking for an extra boost in between the more advanced facials.


This facial also includes a complimentary anti ageing hand treatment.
  Advanced Facials 70 mins
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Our premier range of facials combine several techniques according to your chosen facial, a range of galvanic, high frequency, micro-current and Viennese massage will be combined with powerful serums, botanical extracts and ingredients to restore the balance and improve the appearance of your skin.

Please read through the different tabs on this section to discover the facial for you

If your skin is dry, flaky or dull this facial will restore your skins natural balance and stimulate cellular renewal. Perfect for skin dehydrated or damaged from exposure to weather, too much air conditioning or central heating.

The hydration treatment restores moisture levels, oxygenates the skin and gives a glowing complexion. After your treatment your skin will be noticeably hydrated and fresh.

This treatment is specifically designed to reduce open pores, remove comedones (blackheads) and balance sebum production. Many products designed for oily skin strip all the sebum and throw the skin out of balance thus inducing it to produce more oil and often leave it dehydrated.

This treatment uses balancing oils and botanical extracts to calm, slow and balance your own sebum production and visibly tightens pores, combined with regular home care your skins natural balance will be restored.

For those suffering with acne rosacea, acne vulgaris and acne scarring. This facial soothes, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, whilst focusing on healing scaring and reducing swelling and redness. The treatment also has an anti microbial action which leaves the skin with a healing and protective layer.

N.B. it is recommended that make-up is not worn after this facial and where possible for the skin to be left for 24 hours after treatment.

If you are worried about the early signs of ageing this facial brightens, firms and tones skin with powerful AHA's, antioxidants, collagen and powerful anti-ageing extract such as raspberry and pomegranate used together with firming masks and serums. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly improved after just one treatment.

Regular treatments and home care are recommended to maintain results.

  Signature Facial 80 mins
The most luxurious of our facials begins with a soothing back massage to gently prepare you for your facial where your skin will be steamed, deep cleansed, exfoliated, nourished and hydrated, further enhanced with a face, neck and décolleté massage using our beautiful range of organic products. Also during this treatment you will receive an anti ageing micro-current treatment to rejuvenate hard working hands and to add the final flourish you can also take advantage of a complimentary eyebrow shape.
  Viennese Massage 25 mins
This luxurious massage treatment is the perfect top-up in between your facial appointments or simply a deeply indulgent treat. With anti-ageing and hydrating effects, your head, neck and shoulders receive a restorative massage which is further enhanced by the use of indirect high-frequency (see the advance facial). Perfect for dry, tired or dehydrated skin.
you can add a back massage to any of our facials for just £29.00

Please note that it is recommended if you are suffering from a contagious condition such as conjunctivitis or cold sores
that you wait until it is fully cleared before making an appointment.

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