Eye treatments
/eye_treatments.jpgWe offer a wide array of eye treatments and enhancements with lash tinting and lash lifting being by far the most popular.
It is important to note that many eye treatments require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first appointment at the salon. This is a legal requirement and we regret that we are unable to perform the treatment without it.
/eyelash-tint.jpgTinting lashes and brows is a great way to add definition to your face.  We specialise in creating natural looking lashes and brows for an elegant finish.
Please note that a patch test is required 48 hours prior to your first appointment.
Tint test
Eyelash tint - £19.00
Eyebrow tint - £14.00
Eyelash & brow tint - £25.00 
Eyebrow shape & tint - £24.00
Eye trio - £35.00 
(eyelash tint, brow tint & eyebrow shape)
Eyebrow shaping
/eye.jpgWe know how important a role eyebrows play in shaping your face, that's why each appointment begins with a thorough consulation to enable you to let us know exactly what you want.  Whilst we are able to provide fashion shapes most of our clients prefer to have their own eyebrows shaped to match their natural form.  Which ever your preference we will ensure you have the look you want.
We can shape your eyebrows with strip or hot wax or tweezers, if you have a preference please discuss this with your therapist during your consultation or at the point of booking.
£12.50                                 /booknowb.png
Lash lift
/lashlift.pngOur newest addition to our treatment range at La Belle Jolie has quickly become our most popular.  For dramatic long lasting effects, lash lifting has quickly surpassed semi-permanent lashes for creating a beautiful, low maintenance look. 
Patch test for lash lifting
Lash lift - £34
Lash lift and tint - £52
Lash lift with eyelash and brow tint - £58
Eye quattro - £65
(lash lift, eyelash and brow tint, eyebrow shape)
Temporary (cluster) lashes
/cluster-lashes.jpgAlso known as party and cluster lashes, these voluminous lashes are great for adding instant drama for a night out or perfect for a weekend away.  These lashes are only designed to be worn for 7-10 days and require removal in the salon (removal is free of charge for our own lashes).
Please note that a patch test is required 48 hours prior to your first appointment.
Patch test for temporary lashes
Temporary lashes  - £34.00
Temporary lash removal
Semi-permanent lashes
Semi-permanent lashes 
have risen in popularity dramatically.  Since they first appeared there have been great changes in design, creating lighter thicker looking lashes which are easier to wear.
We specialise in creating natural looking lashes that follow the shape and contour of your own lashes but with added volume.  We use synthetic mink lashes which are much softer to wear than silk lashes.  If well applied, lashes can be worn indefinitely and it is recommended that your first in-fill appointment is made 2-3 weeks after your lashes are applied. 
Patch test for semi-permanent lashes
Full set - £85 
(For a full and voluminous look)
1/2 set - £65
(For a natural and light look)
Full set in-fills - £50
1/2 set in-fills - £40
Please note:
*Please note that a patch test is required 48 hours prior to your first appointment.
*We do not in-fill other technicians work.
*This treatment is unsuitable for pregnant women.
Patch test requirements
It is a legal requirement under the Local Authority Licensing Act that we perform a patch test for certain treatments.
We understand that you may have been having these treatments for many years but if you have not had a treatment with us before or it has been over 1 year since your last treatment we are unable to perform certain eye treatments without a patch test.
We know this can be frustrating, but allergic reactions can be highly distressing and are very easily avoided. 
We regret that we are unable to perform treatments without this.
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